Test Series

Test:01 Collocation L1

No. of Questions: 20                  Full Marks:20                     Time:20 Minutes


[accordian-item heading=”Lesson 01: Complete the sentences with the words given below.” item_no=”One”]

practical           word           bad            ignored             take          asked

1.Hi, Ritika. Thanks so much for meeting me today. I’ve invited some friends for dinner next week, and I don’t know what to cook. I really do need some ______  advice on how to prepare the food.

2.I’m pleased you ______ for my advice. I cooked a meal for 10 people last week, so I’m a bit of an expert!

3.I respect my college tutor enormously and often ______ her advice about my studies.

4.Telling us to leave London on Friday night around 5 pm was definitely ______ advice. The traffic was really awful.

5.I wish I’d ______ my brother’s advice about going to university. If I hadn’t gone, I could have got a job and have already started progressing in my career.

6.I’ll give you a ______ of advice for your interview. Just be yourself, be confident and relax – I know you’ll get the job.


[accordian-item heading=”Lesson 02:Choose the correct answer for the sentences.” item_no=”Two”]

1.The lack of pedestrian areas in the town centre is going to ______ a problem.

  1. get b. have c. cause

2.The Government need to ______ with the problem of violence on the streets.

  1. cause b. deal c. tackle

3.We ______ problems with the Internet all day. There could be a virus on the computer.

a.‘ve been experiencing

b.‘ve been presenting

c.‘ve been causing

4.Robin has a lot of ______ problems at the moment, and it’s affecting his college work.

  1. person b. personalised c. personal

5.There’s a shortage of trained teachers in this country, which is ______ a problem to the education system.

  1. giving b. having c. posing

6.The problem ______ when the school stopped all the after-school clubs.

  1. arose b. rose c. arisen


[accordian-item heading=”Lesson 03: Complete the word web for collocations with solution.” item_no=”Three”]

Lesson 03: Complete the word web for collocations with solution.